Its more than a book of photos
2011-01-14 21:09:17

On December 17, Photobook Shop, with the help of Scoopon, launched our $45.00 30x30 60page Photobooks. As you can imagine, the response to this was enourmous. More than what we, Photobook Shop and Scoopon, had anticipated. The next two weeks was a rush at Photobook Shop HQ. In the first two weeks after the Scoopon deal, our business went nation wide.

To answer this question we could easily say, we print, bind and deliver personalised photobooks, calendars, canvases, and greeting cards, but I feel we do a little more than that. Well not just a little, a lot more than that.
Its whilst you’re standing there, putting these memories together that you realise, what we Photobook Shop is selling isn’t a photobook at all. (And I know this is going to sound corny) But its moments. Its treasured memories. And its storytelling.
We look forward to receiving more order to continue collating our customer’s stories. We hope you have as much fun putting them together as you do receiving your stories.

Smile @ Photobook Shop