FAQ. Making the Most of the App!

Why have you released an app?

We know nowadays most photos are taken on a mobile device. Transferring these photos to a computer or using the online designer wasn't the easiest solution for some of our customers. We have invested over one year developing this app to make it easier for our customers to order photobooks, wall art and photo gifts. We're pretty proud of it!

Can I use my current PhotobookShop login details in the app?

Yes your existing username and password for our website will work on the app. You can also login with your Facebook, Apple or Google account.

What products are offered on the app?

We have hand-picked our best products to be part of the app launch. Over time we will be adding more products. The products currently available now are: Photobooks (Standard and Lay-Flat), Canvas Prints, Framed Prints, PicTiles, Slimline Acrylic Prints, Wood Prints, Acrylic Blocks, Jigsaw Puzzles, Mugs, Ceramic Coasters, Magnets and Photo Prints.

Will my existing vouchers work on the app?

Yes, any vouchers purchased from our website (or third party websites like Groupon) will work on the app, however you can only use 1 voucher code per order.

Can I start a project on the app and finish it on the computer?

Unfortunately this is not possible. The app designer is native so the projects remain on your device until you place your order at which point your order is transferred to us. Projects created through the desktop software or online designer cannot be accessed through the app.

How can I see my ordered projects in the app?

When you are logged into the app, you can click on Order History to view all of the projects you have ordered through the app. You can also view all of your recent projects which you haven't ordered yet so you can continue to work on them until you are ready to order.

Can I preview my project on the app before I order it?

Yes! Before you order your project, you can see the real dimensions, size and scale of your project with our 'RealSense' technology. You are able to preview the actual product with your photos on it, in a familiar room setting, giving you a sense of how your order will look when you have it in your home.

What is the production time for products ordered on the app?

Our Production time for all orders through the app is the same as desktop or online orders, 2-7 business days for production and 2-7 business days for standard delivery. Once you have placed your order, the app will give you an estimate of when it will be delivered.

If I order a product from the app, will it look the same as a product ordered through the website?

Yes! All products ordered through the app are the same, high quality products we have always offered. Your photobooks, wall art and gifts will match the same products you have ordered from us before. The only exception at this stage is that Softcover Photobooks ordered through the app will be perfect bound instead of staple bound.

Can I use photos from Facebook or Instagram?

Yes, you can choose to upload photos from your phone, Facebook, Instagram, Google Drive or Dropbox.

How does the AI work when making a photobook?

Our app will automatically scan all of the photos in your camera roll and suggest 'Stories' to create a photobook from. If you have taken a lot of photos at one specific event and day, a story of that day will be created for you. The app will then create the photobook for you by selecting the best photos, applying them to suitable layouts and even cropping them for you.

Can I edit the book if I don't like what the AI has created?

Yes you can. You have the ability to swap photos, change pages around, add or delete pages, add backgrounds etc.

What do I do if I need help ordering through the app?

Call us! Our friendly Customer Support Team are here to help over the phone, via email or Live Chat.