Photobooks are our specialty and if you ask us, we're pretty darn good at making them!

In 2009, PhotobookShop founder, Peter Thomas ordered an online photobook and wasn't impressed at all with the quality and price he paid for that book. That's when the dream was hatched. Why can't you buy a great quality photobook at an affordable price? Over the next 12 months Peter spent endless hours, day and night, researching, testing and ultimately developing the knowhow to create the best quality photobooks at very affordable prices.

We are certainly very proud of where we are today with Peter exceeding all expectations, turning very modest beginnings into a thriving business that offers the very best photobooks in the industry at fantastic prices. We even have a price beat promise!

Of course, this doesn't just happen by chance. We source the best quality materials and use the most advanced printing and binding equipment you can get. Our finishing equipment is cutting edge, as are our techniques. We don't stop there though, constantly looking at where we can improve and be more innovative with our processes. If you hear of new technology in our industry you can be assured we already know about it. We are constantly researching.

So as you can see, we are very serious about quality and this is the focus of all of our staff right throughout the production process.

Did we mention all of our photobooks are made in Australia? Every photobook you order is supporting an Aussie business and Aussie jobs. We do all the hard stuff and the easy stuff is at your fingertips when you create your photobook with our user-friendly Online Designer or Desktop Software. Don't worry though, if you think this might be beyond you, thousands have been exactly where you are and have been amazed at just how easy it is. Still a bit hesitant? Our fantastic Customer Support Staff are there for you every step of the way.

Creating your photobook simply couldn't get any easier than that! If you don't want to settle for anything but the best, order your next book with us.

Have we convinced you yet?