Photobooks are our specialty and if you ask us, we're pretty darn good at making them! There are a few different options you can choose from and we have listed the details below. We know that sometimes it's hard to choose which option is best, so we have put together a handy guide for you to compare our photobook options.

In short, we have three different types of photobooks; Classic, Lay Flat and HD Lay Flat. Our Classic Photobooks are available in softcover or hardcover.

 Classic Softcover PhotobookClassic Hardcover PhotobookLay Flat PhotobookHD Lay Flat Photobook
Sizes Available 20x20cm, A5 and A4 Portrait 20x20cm, A4 Landscape and Portrait, 22x28cm, 26x33cm and 30x30cm  A4 Landscape, 22x28cm, 26x33cm and 30x30cm 4x4in, 6x6in, 6x8in, 8x8in, 8x11in, 10x10in, 11x14in and 12x12in
Binding Type Stapled Traditional Traditional with hinge spine True Lay Flat
Seamless Join in Spine Normal Normal Good Perfect
Paper type 170gsm 170gsm 216gsm 440gsm Fuji Film
Paper Finish Silk Silk Silk Lustre
Printing Type Digital Digital Digital Photographic - Silver Halide
Page Count Min 20 / Max 48 Min 20 / Max 120 Min 20 / Max 120 Min 20 / Max 120
Hard Cover Finish No Yes Yes Yes");?>
Softcover Available Yes No No Yes
Hardcover Available No Yes Yes Yes
Logo and Barcode Removal No No No Yes

Classic Photobooks

We print our classic photobooks using the latest digital printing technology onto premium 170gsm silk paper. The hardcover books are traditionally bound and you can choose a glossy or matte cover finish. We also offer a softcover photobook which is staple bound.



Hard Cover

Soft Cover

Lay Flat Photobooks

Looking for the next best thing? Our Lay Flat Photobooks are perfect for something a little more special!
We digitally print your images onto premium 216gsm silk paper with a hinge spine. Your images are presented flat when your book is open, achieving the highest impact without losing part of the image where the pages meet in the middle. You can choose between a glossy or matte cover finish.

Luxurious 216gsm silk paper

Hinged Binding

HD Lay Flat Photobooks

Don't want to settle for anything but the best? Our stunning HD Lay Flat Photobooks are the best in the biz. Printed using the Silver Halide printing method onto traditional photographic Fuji Film 440gsm paper, this deluxe, high end book sits perfectly flat with a seamless join in the spine, perfect for panoramic shots. The print quality in these books is simply superb. These books are available with a softcover or hardcover and you can choose between a glossy or matte finish. For our HD Lay Flat Photobooks we offer the option to remove our logo and barcode for an additional $10.

Seamless join in spine

Binding Comparison

Our Classic Hardcover Photobooks are traditionally bound and the pages sit slightly curved when the book is open.

Our Lay Flat Photobooks are traditionally bound with a hinge spine and sit flat when the book is open.

Our HD Lay Flat books are true lay flat with a seamless join in the spine. They lay perfectly flat when opened on any page.