You've made the decision to join thousands of other happy customers and create your own photobook. The next question is, which designer should I use?

To design your photobook we have two different options, our Online Designer and the Desktop Software.
Below is a short description of each so you can decide on which is best for you.

Our Desktop Software can be downloaded from our website here. It is free to download and once you have installed it, you can work on your photobook offline meaning you do not require an internet connection to design your book. You will only require an internet connection if you want to download updates and when you are ordering your photobook.

The software is great if you want to customise your photobook extensively. You can design your own layouts and save them to use in future projects, upload your own images to use as backgrounds, add masks to your images, add outlines and shadows to your text and much more. The software also allows you to edit your photos further if you need to brighten them, increase or decrease contrast or change the opacity.

Once you have ordered your photobook through the desktop software, you will need to upload your files in order for us to print the book. Because the software is downloaded onto your computer, you are not able to continue working on your photobook on another computer, although you can transfer the files across to a new computer if need be.

Our Online Designer is great for photobook newbies and those wanting to create a simple photobook as quickly as possible. To start creating you can head to this page to select the style of photobook you would like and start designing.

You will require an internet connection to design and order your photobook. Because the designer is online you don't need to download anything and there is no need to upload files once you are finished, simply order and you're done!

There are plenty of pre-designed layouts available as well as backgrounds and scrapbook items. You can easily upload your photos and add them to the each page, add or delete pages and customise text on each page.

The best part about the online designer is that you can simply login to your account from any computer and continue working on your book. This is great if you have multiple computers or need to switch from work to home.

Whichever option you decide to go with, there is no doubt you will end up with a beautiful photobook!

If you have any questions about our designers or need any assistance, our Customer Support Team are here for you every step of the way.