Msafiri In Action

40% of all sales goes towards Msafiri In Action!

Msafiri In Action is a small non-profit organization, based in the South East of Melbourne, that supports local and international, humanitarian and environmental organisations that make a difference on a shoestring.Funds raised from our online shop, farmers market stalls and our events have allowed us to provide support in the following ways:
• Care packages of baby clothes and stationary to an organisation in Tanzania that assist women and their children and orphans of HIV to access health care, facilitate schooling for children and vocational training for women, services otherwise unavailable in the community;
•Stationary, early learning tools and clothes to preschools and orphanages in Sri Lanka and India;
• Financial assistance to a build a school for underprivileged children in Kibera slum in Kenya;
• Financial assistance to build additional stockades for orphaned baby elephants as a result of the drought and severely increased poaching of ivory in Kenya;
• Stationary and early learning tools to a school in the Cook Islands.

For more information, you can visit our website: